Propatch is the most versatile and cost-effective footway and carriageway repair system available in the UK. This innovative patching product is flexible, durable and stable, making it an effective treatment for defects on both rural and urban roads and footways.

Propatch repairs and corrects defects, as well as effectively sealing the surface to prevent the ingress of water. It is suitable as either a permanent repair or as a pre-surface dressing repair process and has proven to be effective on both flexible and rigid constructions.

Whether it’s potholes, cracks, deformation or delamination, areas treated are left aesthetically pleasing with no loose chippings and excellent skid resistance. Propatch is also ideal for treating defects such as fretted and spalled areas, sunken utility reinstatements and failed surface treatments.

Pronin offers Propatch as a full contracting service, including an initial site inspection, design proposal, supply and application of the system, traffic management throughout treatment and associated aftercare.

For our clients, Propatch is cost-effective due to the permanence of the repair, the full contracting service and no hidden aftercare costs. The speed of installation means reduced disruption to road users, as well as reduced traffic management and supervisory costs.

Importantly, one of the key benefits of Propatch is its minimal environmental impact. The treatment is cold applied, meaning no fumes and a lower carbon footprint. The product is also hand-applied, removing the noise and environmental impact of machinery. We are also proud that this product eliminates the need for excavation, resulting in minimal waste sent to landfill, unlike more traditional methods.

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