Specialist Treatments

We have a range of specialist surface treatments that extend the life of footways and roads. Our range of products helps to prolong the life of surfaces to avoid costly reconstruction costs in the future.

With Proseal and Proseal Plus for footways and Propatch and Propave for carriageways, we work to deliver the best solutions for a wide range of surfaces. We collaborate with our customers to develop long-term asset management plans to preserve the surface cost-effectively. By working closely with engineers and asset managers, we deliver whole-life solutions tailored to each specific project.

Our products reduce environmental impact due to the hand-applied, cold application process, removing the need for the machinery required by conventional methods and reducing waste considerably. This reduction in emissions and energy consumption substantially reduces the environmental impact, and the cold-applied nature of the product means lower risk to workers.

The fast application of our products also guarantees minimal disruption to users and residents, as well as reduced traffic congestion overall. We are proud to foster excellent relationships with our suppliers and clients through our collaborative approach, and our expertise guarantees the very best tailored solutions for your project.

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