Procomlpete, our Hedge to Hedge footway upgrade programme ensures the most cost-effective, environmentally-focused solution for fatigued footways. We ensure a joined up seamless approach to delivering these schemes by delivering all aspects of the works from scoping through to delivery and preparation of the Inspection Test Plan (ITP).

We include:

  • Microasphalt pre-patching (Propatch) as required (in-leu of traditional DBM Patching)
  • Footway Microasphalt surfacing
  • Structural patching if and as required
  • Spot kerb replacement (at agreed intervention levels)
  • Adjustment of ironwork, as necessary
  • Cutting back vegetation
  • Weedkilling
  • Jet washing and cleaning
  • Preparation of the Inspection Test Plan

Environmental benefits

  • Microasphalt patching eliminates the need for excavation, cart away and disposal
  • Recycled aggregates: Incorporating aggregates recycled from the surface dressing process within the area ensuring the provenance of
  • Materials and massively reducing haulage
  • Cold applied material eliminating production emissions and reducing the carbon footprint
  • All patching arisings to be crushed for re-use
  • Materials mixed on-site specifically to address the defect eliminating material waste
  • The hand-applied process reduces noise levels and disruption.


  • Cost-effective: The process is significantly less expensive than conventional repair methods providing lower whole life costing
  • Cost certainty against agreed scope
  • Robust repairs: The use of Microasphalt patching incorporating polymer modified binder reinforced with cellulose fibres provides a robust flexible permanent repair
  • The Microasphalt patching process eliminates vertical joint faces which typically provide fault lines for future failures,
  • Our one-stop-shop approach to delivery reduces supervision requirements and disruption to road users and residents
  • The adaptable product allows the various depth of failure to be repaired without costly and damaging excavation
  • Inspection Test Plan (ITP) ensures robust asset management data is maintained.