Propave is a hand-applied, fibre reinforced carriageway micro asphalt ideal for smaller areas inaccessible to a machine-applied product, such as small residential roads, minor estate roads, car parks and public parks.

Sites once considered unsuitable or inaccessible for machine applied micro-surfacing can now be repaired and resurfaced economically with Propave. This high-quality micro surfacing material is mixed in small, purpose-built mixer units, which are self-propelled and easily manoeuvrable onto the smallest of sites.

Propave is equally effective on both flexible and rigid surfaces and is an effective means of both repairing and resurfacing carriageway surfaces subject to potholing, fretting, deformation, utility works, delamination and loss of skid resistance.

We offer Propave as a full contracting service, including initial site inspection, design, supply and application of the product, traffic management and associated aftercare.

Propave is significantly less expensive than conventional repair and resurfacing processes, and this, combined with the long life expectancy of the product, makes this an extremely cost-effective treatment. Propave’s fast installation also means reduced supervisory costs, reduced disruption and minimal inconvenience for road users.

There are also numerous environmental benefits to Propave, not least the cold-applied and hand-applied method meaning none of the fumes or noise from machinery and a reduction in energy usage.

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