We have a range of products specialising in the preservation of footways extending life and avoiding costly reconstruction costs.

We ensure our products are designed and applied in a site specific method which ensures that we deliver cost effective whole life solutions. We work with engineers and asset managers contributing to the development of long term asset management plans maintaining and preserving the asset in the most cost effective manner.

Our products are environmentally beneficial:

  • Minimal waste produced
  • Cold process with less energy demands
  • Fast application reducing traffic disruption and congestion


proseal Proprietary cold-applied, thin bituminous surface course incorporating bitumen emulsion and fine graded aggregate with fillers.

Proseal will restore the surface condition on footways, cycleways and amenity areas.

Proseal is a single coat application, generally laid manually up to a dried film thickness of 6mm effectively sealing the footway structure.

Proseal Plus
proseal-plus-300x255 Proprietary heavy duty fibre reinforced Microsurfacing.

An alternative to costly footway reconstruction. Available in a range of thicknesses to suit the individual site requirements, with enhanced regulating properties to give a better finished profile.

Proseal Plus is a genuine alternative to costly, conventional resurfacing and reconstruction techniques.

propatch-product Propatch is the most versatile and cost effective carriageway defect repair system available.

Suitable as either a permanent repair or as a pre-Surface Dressing repair process, Propatch effectively repairs and corrects defects, as well as effectively sealing the surface to prevent the ingress of water.

propave1 Propave utilises a proprietary polymer modified bitumen emulsion combined with high PSV aggregates, fibre reinforcement, selected fillers and chemical control additives.

Propave is usually offered as a two coat application capable of re-profiling and restoring surface texture.

Propave is a high quality Microsurfacing material capable of being mixed in small, purpose built mixer units, easily manoeuvrable onto the smallest of sites. As a result, sites which were once considered unsuitable or inaccessible for machine applied Microsurfacing can now be repaired and resurfaced economically with Propave.